Lynn Wolff     MSc, MASc
Registered Psychologist

Lynn Wolff, Registered Psychologist

Healthy individuals and relationships

Lynn WolffHealthy relationships are the cornerstone of happiness and fulfillment.

I have spent over 30 years working with couples, individuals and families to build relationships that foster healthy communication, satisfying conflict resolution, and a solid sense of well-being for each individual.

I believe that a sign of individual and relationship health is for each person to be able to know, say and act from his or her own truth. I work to support that process individually and relationally.

Areas of Specialty

  • Depression and anxiety, including post-traumatic stress disorder, are all sources of individual and relationship pain; I work with individuals to heal from those conditions.
  • Pain and crises, although awful to experience, nevertheless often offer us a chance for deeper connection with ourselves and those around us. My work is to facilitate that process in the difficult time where hope seems bleak, but opportunities exist.
  • I have developed an expertise in working with fertility challenges to couples and individuals. Difficulties in conceiving a child reach the core of our being, rocking even our spiritual sense of ourselves and the world around us.
    • I work with couples to help to restore and maintain their connection and faith in themselves and each other through the rocky road that the diagnosis of infertility and its treatments create.

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I see clients on Mondays and Tuesdays only.

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